Monday, 13 October 2014

Things you need to know on coming back from travelling...

1.  You'll need about a week to get used to being home, and then it'll be like you've never been away.  Which is miserable.

2.  Home sickness is like eye strain.  You don't realise you miss something until it hits the eyes and then a relief floods and a tight strap that's been winding it's way from your heart to your head - so slowly you weren't even aware it was there - is loosened, and you can breathe freely.

3.  Heat is over rated.  Give me a damp cold fresh air that cools the lungs instead of making them warmer any day.

4.  A decent common all garden cup of tea is, not that common nor available in all gardens.  And yes, that fact is indecent.

Needless to say I'm back on my trip around the world (*echo*).  It's taken a while to motivate myself generally, and seem to be coming over all Victorian melancholy.  I'm glad to be back though and have given myself the proverbial kick up the arse.  In saying that, if there's any tips any one has to help me re-assimilate myself back they would be most appreciated.


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