Sunday, 28 April 2013

Slug Road...Oh how I've missed thee...

Haven't actually.  Managed 46 miles with a lot of climbing and again, it's been difficult. Went out with she of the no training and we were'n't far off her to be honest.  Up slug road with it's evil climb and then down again via the cycle route. I am very tired today - more tired than useful.  Pete invited his family round for a BBQ so instead of my usual recovery routine of a leisurly shower, big glass of strawberry milk with some protien in it and a snooze, we ran around like headless chicken and then flopped on the couch about 9 pm, wondering if that was too early to go to bed for a pair of 30 somethings with no kids (fyi, it apparently is).

My intention this week is to batter on the turbo trainer - though with two weeks to go I'm not really sure what good that's going to do me - and some more hill training with Pam at some point.  Next week end we're going to do the Balloch Sportive route we did last year so that will be 65 miles - with hopefully no stopping this time.  There's the Scottish Bike Sportive on on the saturday so we're going to go see Pete's Bro and take him to that with some dinner after.  Then the route then back Monday morning.

Here's what Saturday looked like:

<iframe src="" height="500px" width="100%" frameborder="0"></iframe>

The figures (though for some reason I don't seem to have done this for a while).
Distance:46.1 mi
Elevation:3013 / - 2936 ft
Max Grade
13.2 %
Avg. Grade
0.8 %
VAM364 Vm/h
Ascent time02:31:16
Descent time01:34:36
Total Duration:04:34:29
Moving Time:04:07:45
Stopped Time:00:26:44
Avg. Watts:196
Max Speed:32.4 mph
Avg. Speed:11.2 mph
Moving Pace:00:05:23
Max Cadence:120 rpm
Min Cadence:15 rpm
Avg. Cadence:63.7 rpm
Max Heartrate:199 bpm
Min Heartrate:121 bpm
Avg. Heartrate:168.3 bpm
Heartrate zones:
Zone 1:6 min
Zone 2:41 min
Zone 3:59 min
Zone 4:1 hour 19 min
Zone 5:1 hour 19 min
I'm not really sure this shows any improvement from last year - so I'm wondering if I've done 'enough' this year. Hey ho though.


Monday, 22 April 2013

There's ghosts in the Machine....

...and realising it can't break Asimov's three laws* it's decided to be slightly annoying.  Like deciding to change it's own password, so after two days of faffing the Giddy Blonde, man that does, went and phoned the Wify people to get it fixed.

Never-the-less we were actually out on Saturday!  And we kicked arse!  Nearly.  Going out was very hard, there was a head wind all the way.  And a massive hill, you can see it:

I didn't know it was there, and had I known we may never have gone out that way.  Which is why the way is surprisingly flat on the way back. 13.2mph! Which isn't bad.  When we got into Ballater I was convinced that the Gids was going to say (having left Banchory at 12.45) that it was 5pm and we'd have to start straight back but we'd actually done the first 30 miles in 2hrs 30, which ment time for soup and tea and a mooch about Ballater's Bike Festival - a lot of mountain bikes - and a chat with Everyone's favourite Geordie, Trevor.

Going back we got to Aboyne and decided to go back along the B road instead of through the back road again, which instead of being two and a half hours long took us an hour and 45.

It was disconcertingly sore sitting on the bike that long - particuarly on the arms. So I'm going to start some arm and shoulder exercises.

We've got a day at the races this Friday, but we'll either be out on Saturday or Sunday - I'm thinking another 50 miles to Stonehaven or something similar. The weekend after is Balloch - where our intention is to do another 65.  And then it's the race.

Whilst I think we are faster I'm a bit disconcerned about the soreness on the bike - I haven't felt it that bad in a very long time - any tips would be good...

Tomorrow I have my mate Pam coming and we're going to go up and down the big hill at mine.  I might put on some soup or something, for a quick snack after.


1. Thou Shalt not harm a human, or through inaction allow a human being to be harmed
2. Thou Shalt Obey a human being, except when it conflicts with the first law
3. Thou Shalt not show consistency in log ins, search engines, and will ask if an item is to be saved, even if the user has not made any changes!

Thursday, 18 April 2013

Three Weeks! Three weeks people!

And I'm still not that fussed.  More gales down our way has kind of put the kybosh on going out last weekend - and we're still not very well.  The Giddy Blonde had ear ache all last week, and typical bloke he doesn't go to the docs until his ear drum burst and it started oozing yellow pus.  I woke up last night with a temperature and couldn't get back to sleep for about an hour, and have struggled with my temperature all day.  If it's at all possible to have the flu without a snotty nose I think I have it.  I have instead been kicking at the turbo trainer, just really doing enough to keep me ticking over (I hope).

Again, our plan is to go out this weekend again and do at least 40 miles but we see.

Please, someone come give me a virtual slap!


Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Guess who can't sleep?

Guess who's Giddy Blonde is snoring so loudly she can hear him all the way from the front bedroom to the living room... Guess who did some hill training on Sunday?
Guess who's wondering if she should have another glass of strawberry nesquik (I'm not ashamed send me some nestlé) or mibbies try and get more shut eye?


Thursday, 4 April 2013

Aren't I feeling a little smug...

...though more smug than I should really... Only a spot of hill training - first this week (had friends up Monday-Wednesday). Crazy-on-the-inside was nagging me today to start cycling into work. It is an idea, cos then I could take this hill every day? Mx

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