Saturday, 31 March 2012

My leggies are sore...

Since I have about 6 weeks before the Etape I've decided to introduce weights into the foray.  And my legs hurt.  At the gym on Thursday I managed a 10 minute run and besides from a few niggles - none of them in the hip flexor region - I don't seem to have any adverse effects.  I also did some squats - nothing to fancy - started off with a 10kg bar and doing a set of 15 then going up to a 12.5 kg bar doing 10 then since I was feeling quite good (the idiot that I am) I think I did 15kg bar at 7, then proceeded onto 20kg bar with 3 sets of seven.

And now I hurt.  I only hurt a little yesterday morning in spin class (yes.  I went to spin class, those 7am classes are becoming synonymous with 'idiot' as I'm really too tired to think 'should I be doing this?') but by the time me and the Giddy were in the in the Pub after work I was waddling.   Now if I need to sit I have to put my hands down behind me and lower myself down trying to use my thighs as little as possible.  And since  they don't hurt unless they're being stretched or there's any weight on them, I completely forgot and on trying to throw my legs in the cross legged position started next doors dog barking with the angry painful swearing I was doing.  My own dog looked at me as if to say 'There's no need for that noise'.  Yes there is.

In other news I've signed up for this:

It's on the 15th of April - roughly a month before the Etape so I do have another couple of weeks to get my head down any weakness this throws up.  Though my ave mileage is still not ace.

I've also signed up the Giddy Blonde too.  It remains to be seen whether he'll be going round in his painting jeans and German Commander's helmet (what he's worn every other time we've gone out).  I remarked to him last night that he only ever says he can beat other people in Sporting Events he has no intention of taking part in.

I am currently sitting - after failing to achieve the cross legged position - with one leg folded and tucked under the other, whilst the other is hanging normally over the edge.  I fear I may be trapped.

If anyone is local, the front door is open and I'd appreciate some juice.


Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Apocalypse Spin

Am entering into Deepest Darkest Training.  I may or may not find Superman's Da complaining about not being a Contender to his Cultees?  The Viet Cong?  Never really understood the movie or the book.

Spin class was really hard all last week and then yesterday I was FLYING!!!  Managed to get to that point where I was feeling a bit sick and dizzy, and just didn't have the legs for that last week.

In the same news there's this girl at my Spin Class who was trying to flirt with the instructor (he's a 20 yr oldish chunk of a boy, not your average Gym instructor, not bad to look at but a child none the less).  Anyhoo this lassie's about the same age and last week the instructor was asking if there was anything he could do to make the classes better.  She suggested to make them harder - so he said 'More Spins?' and she was like yes! So he was like 'Fine, next week I'll have youse breathing out your arses' and she went (a bit too loud and a bit too high pitched) 'Excellent! I look forward to it!'

You heard everyone in the class think at exactly the same time 'I bet you do hehehe'.

She was very quiet after class.  I wondered if that was because her bum was expelling air.  I resisted the urge to ask which was actually very good of me since I'm finding it more and more difficult to achieve that kind of editing.


Saturday, 24 March 2012

I have purchased this...


Couldn't quite justify the 400 quid and apparently it has all of the same functions just not touch screen.

I was hoping to have it this weekend but DHL scuppered that.  So instead I'll probably get it on Tuesday and have it for next weekend.  I'm also thinking of spending the money I've saved on another sportive...

It's 'only' 65 miles but there are a couple of 200m hill climbs so I expect the course to be quite tough.  Trying to talk the Giddy Blonde into it he doesn't think Fergie (his bike) will stand up to it.

As for my training, back at the gym in earnest.  I've put the tatties on for tomorrow so I'm thinking I'll try for a 50 miler - but I'll see how far.


Tuesday, 20 March 2012

First class back...

...after about 2 weeks off.  Feel OK.  I'm getting out this week end and am going to do the 60.

Need to put the miles in now.

And in an addendum to the last post GB says he was 'managing fine'.

Obviously his definition of 'fine' and 'managing'  is a bit different from mine.


Sunday, 11 March 2012

Snowboarding was...

Ace.  I am completely knackered, have all sorts for random bruising, a weird pain thing going on with my left leg (a mixture of an old knee injury and feeling like I've twisted my ankle) but I live and am ready to rock. Nearly.  Like all sweaty holidays I have a mountain of washing to do, and whilst the food was lovely it was sorely lacking in a decent sponge.  Am arranging photies, and have to e-mail the folk in my lessons.

On the cycling front I'm back at the gym tomorrow.  Not really sure how my week off the training will fair.  I know I worked hard (there is a particularly 'choice' picture of me having sweated through my thermals) and the change may have been as good as a rest.


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