Saturday, 28 December 2013

Christmas Haul!!!

Woopwoop! Did Santa bring you anything nice?  I've been a bit non-engagey this year.  Kind of feel like Christmas is something that happened to me, not something I've partook in. But I still got prezzies - even though my present buying was less than adequate (seriously, I got a secret santa Gaffa tape - Santa appologised but still.)

Whilst the Gids is still waiting for his present to arrive, I still got mine from him.  He knows my love of electronics which are all about me, so I've got a fitbit.  It's rather good.  It measures my sleep, how many steps I take a day and how many calories I burn.  Since I've not really been on the bike this last month, it turns out that a few chores around the house, and walking the dog barely amounts to 5,000 steps a day.  So after lunch with friends I decided to walk home - busting my 5k with a blistering 12K! Not sure how it's going to work on the bike (if it will at all), whether it will measure turns of the pedals as steps, but I've already got an app for my phone if I don't fancy fitting the Brompton with Garry Garmin (which I really don't, the Bromptons smelling the roses cycling not High Intensity Training).

Anyway, Merry Christmas to youse all, and a Happy Hogmanay!


Tuesday, 17 December 2013

As is my usual.. as soon as I sign up for an event....

... I do nothing. Nada, Zippo and Zilch.  We were in London for a few days, which was lovely. Saw a man in a cycling onesie wearing nipple tassles and giant shoes.  We drunk tea at £3.50 a pot (I suspect it was due to the amount of skiddling they did, half of that was on their water costs alone), and we went and saw a comedian tear into some poor drunk woman who wouldn't shut up. So it was eventful.

I have done very little cycling.  None.  I've not even been out on the Brompton this week.  I'm going to treat myself kindly for the next couple of weeks, been feeling for some time that I have no actual time.  Too much spent on stuff I really don't want to do and not enough on what I want to do.  I suppose I'm in a re-assesment at the moment and this has gone alot more navel gazy than I intended, but that is basically my mood.  I'm struggling to get into the mood for Christmas, I've bought two christmas presents.  Two.  And I usually adore buying Christmas Prezzies.  I'm in fact usually all but done!  Might make that job for me tomorrow.


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