Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Good news...(again)

I've been to the gym! There are plenty of half hour spin classes (2 already).  The half hours enough to make you feel capable for another the next day so I was there yesterday and today, managing 12km each time so it's no kick in the teeth.  I've done yesterday and today, I have one more tomorrow with a 'core class'.  What's quite good is that you can book online so there's no turning up 'just in case' or having to phone up and sign your name in.  The only bad thing about it is you need a pin number to get into the locker room as well as out side.  So you stand there, having to empty your entire bag because the wee bit of paper you wrote your pin on is at the bottom.  If it's not, it's lying on the floor in the locker room where you discarded it thinking 'Oh, No! I won't need that again.'

Not looking forward to January though - as what could be described as a veteran gym goer I'm expecting it to be mobbed.  That's not the bad news...

The bad news is my Nanna has died and we're going to have to go down on Wednesday to the Dear Green Place.  Funeral on Thursday and then back up again.  Never mind eh?


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