Monday, 18 February 2013

I have company when I'm spinning...

...whether I like it or not.  It's the other blonde in my life, only she has remarkably more sense, and a perchant for my sweaty bits.  She's sitting there waiting for the hill climb section,  when I get soo puffed out I can't tell she's sooking on my ankle like a baby on a bottle.

I have been hitting the turbo trainer very hard recently.  We (me and the Gids, not me and the dog) did commute this morning but I don't really feel like I'm working hard enough on those 4 miles.  I did think about jumping on the turbo as near as enough as soon as we came in tonight but that feels a bit sad.  I can't tell if  I'm being precious or snobby or mibbies just my usual lazy.

Never the less there is a pressing need to get out for a proper ride. My last one was several weeks ago  and only 30 miles.  So we need a 40 miler and I was thinking this Sunday might be a go.  It will have to be, I'm very much in danger of doing my entire training regime on the turbo and that wouldn't be smart.


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