Thursday, 18 April 2013

Three Weeks! Three weeks people!

And I'm still not that fussed.  More gales down our way has kind of put the kybosh on going out last weekend - and we're still not very well.  The Giddy Blonde had ear ache all last week, and typical bloke he doesn't go to the docs until his ear drum burst and it started oozing yellow pus.  I woke up last night with a temperature and couldn't get back to sleep for about an hour, and have struggled with my temperature all day.  If it's at all possible to have the flu without a snotty nose I think I have it.  I have instead been kicking at the turbo trainer, just really doing enough to keep me ticking over (I hope).

Again, our plan is to go out this weekend again and do at least 40 miles but we see.

Please, someone come give me a virtual slap!



  1. Remind me not to read your blog while I'm eating

    1. Apologies! I'll carry a warning next time.



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