Thursday, 13 June 2013

Change is as good a as a rest...

...they say.  So I've been gardening and - as the Giddy Blonde has suggested - prematurely aging with BBC Radio 4 in the background.  Have been having some time off the bike, and found that I'm missing it.  We were pretty wiped after the etape even though this year's been one of the easier years, and just a spot of pottering for me and surfing for him (well, he's been out once so far). 

I've managed a couple of sessions on the turbo trainer.  You wouldn't think to look at me but apparently my body thinks it's some sort of well-honed machine; any more than a week off I seem to gain an extraordinary amount of water and go all 'wobbily' and uncomfortable.  Just the one sessions enough to take the swelling down in my legs - keeping in mind I get so sweaty the backs of my hands pool water.   It's probably more akin to a damm with a tiny little crack in it and the turbo sessions is the wee man with his finger over the hole.

I've been doing cadence sessions in an attempt to make hills easier.  I'm going off the ethos of spinning away at hills instead of trying to stamp them out.  I'm doing 90-100 rpms, building slowly up to a complete half hour.  It's basically a kind of time trial session where I keep the steady pace - and I'm finding it harder work than I thought (but I am only doing the one to two sessions a week at the mo').  I've started to do a warm up, not included in the main session, then I spin up to 90+ and try and hold that for as long as I can.  It's quite interesting, considering my heart rate starts at 174 bpm but when I finish it's 194 - I am a tiny wee person and our apparent top heart rates are scary, mines is 206.  I think the first session I managed 4 miles in 25 minutes (including warm up distance - I don't really know what that was).  Last nights session I managed 6 miles so it's getting better.  I've recorded my sessions on Garry so you lucky lucky people (person... Hiya Da'!) will get to see the details.


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