Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Should'a, Would'a, I'm going to have to now...

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Wasn't on the bike, pootling or otherwise, last week.  So this week, or more pricely today, I shall be doing 20 minutes on the turbo trainer after my weight training session.  All week.  For EVER.

The pre christmas malaise hasn't really shifted, and it's probably showing since I've gone from gentle cynicism to OH-GOD-EVERYTHING-IS-SHIT-WHY-GOD-WHY?!?!?!?!?!?!  And I don't think the lack of cardio has helped so there's another reason to get on the big t.  There's also a man who's just walked in to the coffee shop (yes, I'm one of those people, I'm soo fecking twendy it's SORE!) who has the same hair as me.  You wouldn't think a 90 year old man in walking stick and slippers could carry off a Jedward quiff but there you go.

*Four hours later*

I had done my strength conditioning. I even had my clipless pedal shoes on.  Did I actually get on that bike? Instead I seem to be wearing these.  The dog does not approve.

So no.  No I didn't.


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