Monday, 25 May 2015


If you remember last year I briefly mentioned that I had taken a big trip 'Abroad'.  This Vanmoof you see below was found waiting outside in the sunshine whilst we waited for the ferry to go see the Statue of Liberty - and being all the way from Amsterdam it, like us, was pretty far from home. I like it's dadaist utility* and am strangely drawn to it's walled tyres.  Are they wrong?

Vanmoof - an Amsterdam company - make electric bikes but I think I'm right in saying that this is not one of those.  There were a couple of touches for convenience stylishly executed such as the easy access red back light.   The breadbox at the top seems to be a customisation from the owner as apposed to a company add on which is something I always like to see, especially on a bike whose  chunky functional looks could put people off. 

What do you guys think?  Is this kind of thing right up your street or is it a dark alley best left untrod?


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