Saturday, 24 March 2012

I have purchased this...


Couldn't quite justify the 400 quid and apparently it has all of the same functions just not touch screen.

I was hoping to have it this weekend but DHL scuppered that.  So instead I'll probably get it on Tuesday and have it for next weekend.  I'm also thinking of spending the money I've saved on another sportive...

It's 'only' 65 miles but there are a couple of 200m hill climbs so I expect the course to be quite tough.  Trying to talk the Giddy Blonde into it he doesn't think Fergie (his bike) will stand up to it.

As for my training, back at the gym in earnest.  I've put the tatties on for tomorrow so I'm thinking I'll try for a 50 miler - but I'll see how far.



  1. NICE. I am pleasantly jealous.

    1. Does it attach well to the bike, eh? I actually use a Garmin 310, so I have already spent my pretty penny on fancy gadgetry. (Poop, I LOVE gadgetry!) If I need GPS, I have my iPhone, which works, but is not as convenient, as I have to pull off the trail, (or risk my life; riding one or no never do that...). At one point, I bought this fancy case for it, so I could mount it to my bars. I was so pleased with myself, until my bike mechanic told my he lost 2 iPhones to that exact product. Ugh! Sure enough, it popped open on a ride, but luckily my beloved iPhone landed in a soft patch of grass. :) I promptly returned to the store for a refund. lol

      Congrats on your purchase!

  2. Cheers!

    It does have a clippy thing that wraps somewhere on the headset as well as a host of other accoutrements and features that I may never actually use. I have my phone to call in an Air Strike should I ever get stranded, but with the GPS on it lasts all of half hour.



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