Saturday, 31 March 2012

My leggies are sore...

Since I have about 6 weeks before the Etape I've decided to introduce weights into the foray.  And my legs hurt.  At the gym on Thursday I managed a 10 minute run and besides from a few niggles - none of them in the hip flexor region - I don't seem to have any adverse effects.  I also did some squats - nothing to fancy - started off with a 10kg bar and doing a set of 15 then going up to a 12.5 kg bar doing 10 then since I was feeling quite good (the idiot that I am) I think I did 15kg bar at 7, then proceeded onto 20kg bar with 3 sets of seven.

And now I hurt.  I only hurt a little yesterday morning in spin class (yes.  I went to spin class, those 7am classes are becoming synonymous with 'idiot' as I'm really too tired to think 'should I be doing this?') but by the time me and the Giddy were in the in the Pub after work I was waddling.   Now if I need to sit I have to put my hands down behind me and lower myself down trying to use my thighs as little as possible.  And since  they don't hurt unless they're being stretched or there's any weight on them, I completely forgot and on trying to throw my legs in the cross legged position started next doors dog barking with the angry painful swearing I was doing.  My own dog looked at me as if to say 'There's no need for that noise'.  Yes there is.

In other news I've signed up for this:

It's on the 15th of April - roughly a month before the Etape so I do have another couple of weeks to get my head down any weakness this throws up.  Though my ave mileage is still not ace.

I've also signed up the Giddy Blonde too.  It remains to be seen whether he'll be going round in his painting jeans and German Commander's helmet (what he's worn every other time we've gone out).  I remarked to him last night that he only ever says he can beat other people in Sporting Events he has no intention of taking part in.

I am currently sitting - after failing to achieve the cross legged position - with one leg folded and tucked under the other, whilst the other is hanging normally over the edge.  I fear I may be trapped.

If anyone is local, the front door is open and I'd appreciate some juice.


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