Sunday, 5 August 2012

Guess what...

...I've been up to today!  Cycling!  Actual velocipede activity, and not the half mile to the gym either.  27 miles! I haven't been out in a while - so I had a mini bonk just before getting to Warren Wood - and we weren't pushing it, just pootling.  Then it was a stop at Drumoak Gardening Centre for the food of champions and some cake, then back into town.  Not exactly stretching the boundries in route or anything else really, but it still counts!

I got stung on the lip on the way back - or at least I think I was stung.  The swelling's gone down but there's a weird electric shock feeling around the area - it's not too uncomfortable, but it has given me toothache like pain on the front lower teeth, like cold shock.  I don't look too bad either - there are no John Merrick like swellings on my face - so I don't think I was stung properly.

Distance:26.4 mi
Elevation:2156 / - 2159 ft
Max Grade
13.8 %
Avg. Grade
0.3 %
VAM482 Vm/h
Ascent time01:21:48
Descent time00:58:33
Total Duration:03:50:28
Moving Time:02:20:44
Stopped Time:01:29:44
Avg. Watts:92
Max Speed:27.4 mph
Avg. Speed:11.3 mph
Moving Pace:00:05:20
Max Cadence:111 rpm
Min Cadence:19 rpm
Avg. Cadence:63.3 rpm

I'm going to start going out for rides on the weekend again.  Perhaps try for 40 miles/weekend or something.  I've lost some hill climbing ability, and my legs tightened up on one or two wee hills on the way back so I really need to watch this on this 'down time' at the moment.  The Giddy Blonde's wanting to do the Etape next year as well - with him being a tad stronger and taller than me I don't think he'll want to hang back - but it will be good with the both of us training next year, unless he wants to hit it like he did the Scottish Bike Show - 2 bonked rides and wearing clothes from the Army Surplus store. But we'll see.


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