Thursday, 4 October 2012

Just a quick spot to say...

...I may have signed for some MTB next week. The Deeside Diva's have closed their road season and my mate has said she's keen to go out with the group. There's nothing close at hand I can sign up for, everything else would involve taking days off work and I've used up my hols allowance already. So I'm a bit narked - and feeling bloated because of it. That assides I'm holding my breath waiting for Etape Cally to open it's registration for 2013 - it's a very long time coming. Other than that I've done nothing, nada, zip and ziltch. Not entirely true. Have just come back on holiday in Tobago and did a 35 degree Celsius ride from Crown Point to Plymouth. On mountain bikes. And then more or less (considerably less) repeated the feat from Crown point to Mt Irvin (about 6 miles round). Haven't done much else. Appols. I'm off to hang my head in shame. Mx


  1. Most of my riding these days are utilitarian, riding to and from work, but when I'm riding just for fun it's the mountain bike.
    Have fun!!!

    1. I'd be happy with even that! We move house soon so I shall have a short commute to keep me happy when I'm not able to get out properly.


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