Sunday, 21 October 2012


...assides from the Giddy Blonde's da' (who's never giddy, or blonde) cracking a few ribs on the path stairs outside my flat, we've managed to move my stuff to the house we didn't mean to buy, and having now been in that house, and had a proper look around - we actually meant to buy it, on purpose and I'm not sure entirely where you got the impression that it was an 'accident' and I was never worried it was going to be the biggest mistake of my life ever. We're still not in officially, the Gidds won't move in until there's interweb and a telly. I'd be happy with having the gas and electricity on but we are very different people. Still no official cycling. I have purchased this however. So shall set up my race bike on it when we're in the house we didn't mean to buy (but we completely ment it) once we have the tinternet and a TV (and possibly electricity and gas for the heating). Mx

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