Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Happy Hogmanay!

Hello and a Happy New Year!!

What have I been up to... Well a couple of well deserved days off has and is (I've still got one day before I need to go back) wonderful.  Me and the Gids were round at his folks for Christmas Dinner and then they here for a spot of desert.

I have another stinking cold.  I had planned to spend these days around Hug-yer-granny night doing some proper road cycling but a swollen dangly bit in my throat means I'm taking it rather easy.

On the plus side I've managed to set up the new turbo trainer - though have lost my cycling shoes in the move, but bit the dust a couple of days ago (pre cold) and did the cycling dvd I purchased a while ago.  It's rather good. It's done one the pyramid method of keeping the same cadence over a harder and harder gear for a few minutes.  They have a couple of young guys doing it with a couple of old hands (I don't really recognize any of them).  They don't do the full hour but you do get about 50 minutes of turbo training, and the last 10 minute wind down is listening to the young guys picking the brains of one of the older guys.  Apparently he did some sort of route at a death defying speed behind a motorbike when he was in his prime but he doesn't want to say because the cameras are rolling and it wouldn't be responsible. There's also a couple of 10 minute stretching scenes thrown in which if you do a bit of yoga you'll find them fairly standard.

The fitness videos I usually purchased were often of some soap opera actress laughing because she used to be the weight I am now but is now a half pound from organ failure...so this gets 5 stars from me.

With any luck we'll be cycling to and from work when we go back, and I intend to kick off my training this Sunday coming with a 30 miler.  I'm wondering if I should perhaps try to build my distance early this year and then concentrate on speed. Hrmmm.


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