Monday, 3 December 2012

5…4…3…2… and One. We have Registration!

Etape Cally people have opened their floodgates, and they’ve found me poking the Giddy Blonde with a sharp stick through the entrance. I did originally think it was just us two but after a quick canvassing not only is it us two, but also Ladies of the Lane (like of the lake except holding aloft Scott Carbon fibre road bikes), my mate Pam (must think of a proper blogger name for her, I was thinking Fuzzy Bear since at her 40th, a group of lads from her work turned up wearing Fuzzy Bear t-shirts but that’s their in joke and I don’t really understand it and I’m fairly sure it’s not etiquette etc), a Trevor and a Simon – not the TV comedy duo I’m told, another duo of sorts and one or two others who’ve expressed an interest but whom I don’t think have actually registered so am not going to jinx that by mentioning them here. Aims for this year: Skills: Get better riding in a group. I’ve started doing the slipstream 3” away from the Giddy Blonde’s back wheel when we’ve been commuting in the morning so getting better at that. He hates it, he ‘can’t see what’s going on and you could be up to anything’... It's the accusatory tone of 'you' I don't like, as if I'm sneaking drugs to 7 yr olds whilst cycling behind him. Cornering and descending needs and always will need work. Fitness: I will conquer those hills (though I quite enjoy it). I wonder if I can get 5 hrs….Hrmm….I’ve said it now haven’t I. So I suppose faster will have to be an aim as well. Commuting’s going fine – though the weather’s taken a turn for the worse. I had to wear padded cycling tights – full length ones - and it wasn’t fun. Not comfy and felt like I was wearing a nappy. So I’ve purchased a new set of long running leggings. I did try on two pairs – Nike and Ronhill. Nike ones – Legend Tight Fit – lovely material, felt quite thick and luxurious and would have been nice and warm but god awful fit. In every other sports wear – nearly – I’m a size 12. In theirs a size 16 and still feel too tight in places. Truly Awful. Their tracksuits are really lovely though I do end up buying a size 14 I’m coming to the conclusion they make clothes for women with no pelvis and tiny, tiny, tiny non-hips. Or their clothes are just for sucking it all in and posing. Ended up with a pair of Ronhill ones with extra lighty reflector bits. Much better fit (even a little loose). They’ve got zips on the end – I think they’re to help you put socks on, otherwise they’re like nipples on Batman – which I usually have issue with but me and my short arse seem to be quite comfortable in them. I have another pair with zips but those zips are much more heavy duty than these ones so don’t always like wearing them. In news that’s no really connected with this blog, I’ve nearly – properly nearly – finished my math course. Though that means gearing up for another much longer math course (oh, god. If I actually think about it, I’ll not do it. So best just do it then eh?) Mx

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