Sunday, 17 March 2013

The smallest violin in the world...

is playing just for me.  It's manifesting itself in my ears, making a very annoying clicking sound when I swallow and generally any time I move my jaw.  And do you know how many times one moves their jaw and swallows in the course of one day?  Quite a lot.  I'm on the verge either getting a really crappy cold or of doing some exercise which is something (lets face it) I've been on the verge of both things these past couple of weeks and yet to achieve either. I'm sleeping ridiculous amounts at the moment - 10 hours plus a night, every night - and I have a weird rash on my neck that appears to have dried up for the moment but then comes back, and a weird pain in my right chest/arm area.. Poo me.  Poopoo to me.  There's something holding me back at the moment - I know what that is but there's feck all I can do about it RIGHT NOW, which is why I'm stuck in this weird land of malaise, minor sickness and cantankerousness where everyone is simultaneously not giving me enough attention but 'oh, why don't you all feck off' at the same time.

But this is a cycling blog, there has been no cycling.  This is two weeks now (possibly three... ouch) where I haven't done anything worth while.  I did promise last time that I would do a tester session, and my 10 mins during the week I came up with a better way of testing that.  1 mile sprints on the trainer. Faster one does that mile the better.  That's a lot of saying, but admitting actually writing the whole 'Woe is Me' paragraph at the top has cleared my head a bit, and I feel a little lighter. I'm only not cycling, and since we now have saying for evil in Britain, I'm going to coin it and say 'I'm no Jimmy Saville'.

No Indeed.


p.s. I actually feel a bit better now!

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