Sunday, 18 August 2013

What The Jensie made me do! (with Link! Soz guys)

It's here!  And it's all foldy goodness! I've unfolded it, ridden it, been into starbucks with it (didn't go well, haven't mastered the whole foldy walk around with it).  So what's it like?  Well, it does feel pretty nippy, the small wheel base means it's fairly responsive.  And it's easy to fold and unfold but I have scratched the paintwork on the legs of it a few times.

There are a few teething problems though: I've more than once been sweatier than I'd like - I really have to get out of the whole 'I'm training' cos... well I'm not - this is supposed to be fun! And it is heavy - easy enough to lift though it is like carrying an old fashioned type writer - if that makes sense.  I'm having trouble rolling it too. I'm just a wee bit too short to have the 'Eazy Wheels' lift enough so that they pivot in their axis, so the front wheel keeps catching on the ground when I roll it, and it's not ballanced quite right so it tips over every time I try and turn it on it's wheels like an unbalanced suitcase.  I've come up with a couple of solutions.  One of them is one of these,  'Brompton Turn'.  As far as I can make out they're made by a Japanese man whose web page isn't Google Translate friendly. I've thought about fashioning my own - there's loads of stuff on the web about customising the wheel bits to make it easier to pull about.  Lot's of people have used the roller blades so something on a pivoting shock absorbing axle would work.

Hrmm, lots to think about.


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