Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Riding with Dolphins.... don't get that in L.A!  Ha!  Poo poo to Los Angles with the sunshine, the balmy waters, and the muscle men.  Here in Aberdeen we have damp Haar air, grey skies and 4 degree waters in the summer... but we also have Dolphins - and entire herd! Or shoal?  Is it a shoal if they're all mamals - like the proper air breathing kind, not the middle aged kind though they breath too.  There was about seven of them, sleek and leaping, and a couple of calfs? Calves? A shoal of calfs?  A nursery of calves?  What ever.  Watching a slick of healthy dolphins jump and leap and generally enjoy themselves in fish rich waters not far of the shore of Aberdeen Beach whilst I glide along in my little Brompton is pretty glorious.

So, the Brompton's doing well.  I've more or less got the fold down and even manage the wheel flick.  I've fashioned a pulley from a coat hanger and some gaffer tape, and I'm no longer a sweaty mass of bike bits going into Starbucks.

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