Thursday, 16 January 2014

Was it always this hard?..

I've just, quite literarly done the first turbo session of the year, and I feel sick.  Not the good, exilarated sick you feel, but shakey to scared to cough properly or I'll puke sick.  The why is it all going white and my diaphram objects by tensing up sick.  I used to enjoy this... did I really?

Basically the Gids is putting me to shame - kind of - he was out on his bike two days previous, just going to work and that, but since I'm kind of home bound at the moment and it's misty outside (or was when I started) I thought I best get my arse in gear.

So, the racer has been sitting in the spare room untouched to the point it had cobwebs on it (I know, I know bad Jakky).  I dusted it off and checked the tires, then since I've been 'HerInDoors' I perused YouTube and found this:Burn Fat Fast: 20 Minute Spin Class Workout and decided on it because it's 20 minutes so nice and short.  It's and interval workout.  I had to skip a couple of the intervals - by the end I was doing every second interval and the 'Good Job' Americanisms get you after a while - but I got a sweat on, a stitch and a bit sick so it did make me work harder.

Now I've made an amature error and not set up Garry Garmin properly, so I can't show you the statistics which aren't of interest to anyone but me, but trust me.  It did happen.

Off to vomit and lie down now.
(Did I really enjoy this at one point?)


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