Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Yesterday I did this....

In words that made you want to slap Jennifer Anniston 'Here's the science bit':

It was a lovely evening yesterday, bright for the most part but a little windy.  There were plenty of cyclists on the road including a Fred (his thighs were bigger than my neck with the muscle hanging from his legs like meaty bingo wings. It didn't stop him drafting us down Deeside Railway line though - he did thank us to be fair and I can't really gripe, me up front of the Gids is like trying to use a tea spoon to clear a path in three foot snow).  He appeared to be with a Mamil who both would have been much faster than us if they'd known where they were going.   We kept seeing them just off our corners looking at their phones/gadgets just to pass them, then have them pass us.  Indeed, going through the little ashphalt path way to get to Warren Wood and the Horrible Hill we expected them to pass us on the road then check where they were going.

On account of me not having a place of work, and not having to deal with people I really have no reason to feel tired today but I do.   But the living room won't paint itself and B&Q won't come to me so I must sally forth somewhat grumpy and cantankerous.


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