Wednesday, 23 April 2014

If you were to look out my window just now...'d think I lived on the edge of some cloud.

I intended to go cycling today, and do the Udny route but there's a haar so thick I can't see the opposite side of the river bank I live on.   On consulting BBC Weather I found this:

So I guess it's misty all over.  Haar is pretty frustrating for me. It's very pleasant to cycle in with no wind, the air for the most part is cool and sweet to breathe, but hearing and visability is pretty shocking with the mist like wearing earplugs and sunglasses when you're in the library, in the dark.   I wouldn't usually let this stop me but I don't fancy going out myself, because at least if something happends the other can get help, and two pairs of ears on the road is better than one.

I also seem to have misplaced my chest strap, and because I'm such an athlete it's an essential bit of kit I need.  Our back room is a mess and the turbo trainer's under a pile of crap so... This is now sounding like excusses.  Right.  *gives self a sharp slap*.  Right, I'll set up the turbo and stop being such a wet wipe.


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