Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Garry Garmin Chest Strap...

...where art thou?

The last time I remember having it was going for a run about a week ago, where I went over my ankle and was laughed at by a fishing bloke, a fisherer, fishist, bloke gone fishing.  No major damage as I was able to walk it off, but my chest strap seems to have taken the huff and absconded.  None the less did a 40 minute turbo session yesterday (I'll upload on twitter in case you're interested).

What else... Tour de France starts on Saturday!!! Woop Woop!  I can't remember if everyone's favourite short arse will be there or not.

So... what are you looking forward to in the Tour?  And what's your most embarrassing moment whilst doing 'sports'?



  1. I pulled up on the inside of a car turning right at a junction, with my new rat-traps tightly fastened (this was a while ago SPDs now).

    I then toppled left into, fortunately, a soft grass verge.

    The driver of the car had to lean right across to the passenger window check out the disappearing cyclist.

    I avoided eye contact!

  2. Ah, there is nothing truely like experiencing the SLOW FALL OF SHAME!!! I did this in Aboyne Cycling Festival. Me and the gids were leaving after lunch with a mate, I got to the corner didn't unclip in time and scrapped my way down the gids bike. My commisserations mate!



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