Thursday, 17 July 2014

You'll never guess where I've been....Yorkshire!!!!!!

We went down on Friday and back on Sunday.  I had intended to post whilst there which would have been brilliant but my phone didn't have T'interweb.

It was however bloody brilliant! We were in Harewood House, we saw the peloton slide by - I saw Mark Cavendish before he fell over, and Peter Sagan was fixing something on his bike.

Then Chris Froome fell over, poor sod.  Then that vegan Contador.  So I recon (though to be fair, for every one I've picked so far they've fallen over) it'll be Nibali all the way now, but that giant child Segan has my sympathy.  His situation is proving that all the points in the world won't get you a stage win.  Particuarly when Kittel's got his eyes on the prize.  It's those giant shoulders of his, I'm sure Marcel could hold up bridges with those things, since Segan - who's already a fair size in the general cycling way of things - can't even squeeze past.  I swear in the sprint finishes to come, if Peter Segan doesn't get on Stage podium, his pouty lip will get so large they'll be able to sit yon cuddly lion on it.

Still, do you not think it's been really good now the faves have gone?  It's really something to watch those sole finishers,  I nearly can't watch the last 50 meters, even when they get to a point where the peloton's not going to catch them, as I'm waiting for who ever it is to fall over, get a puncture, or kidnapped by aliens such is my pesimism. Tony Gallopin's stage 11 win particuarly heroic.  Well done!  I wasn't sure he was going to make it, it was almost heart breaking but then he managed it.  They were talking on ITV4 about how going into the mountains people will just gird their places like loins, but I think we might see a few lesser knowns, and possibly a few newbies try for the stage wins in the mountains which is exciting to watch!

What are you guys looking forward to seeing in the Tour this year? Or are there those of you who can't wait until it's over?


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