Tuesday, 18 October 2011


... It's getting dark up here.  So in order to keep myself motivated for the winter on the bike I've installed this thing (blog) so I can track my progress and see how I'm going.

A big bit about myself...

I've been cycling about a year now in total.  Myself and a mate grabbed on another mates Etape Caledonia and we've (well I) have been riding those coat tails ever since.  Partly because it 'does' to be fit and healthy, but mostly because I tend not to go mental having a certain amount of miles under my tyres (geddit - please say no).

I cycle because I have inflamed hip flexors.  I used to run (quite a bit) but then a spot of snowboarding (well 'leafing' was what I was doing) fecked my hips which made running painful.  And also the dog was getting a bit too old to keep up.  I'm also quite partial to a spot of yoga and the occasional pole dance (though more in the style of a russian gymnast than laydee of the nite - I've video taped myself once and it wasn't pretty, utalitarian was how it could best be described but never mind.)

The last big cycle race I did was a 64 miler round Ullapool.  It took me 7 hours and 4 minutes and 18 miles from the end I nearly cried.  I had no feeling in my break hand and at the curry with friends that night I tried to open a toilet door using the hinge. 

The tools I aim to utilise are:  1 Luella (winter bike, Old Lady Dawes seeing her third decade), 1 turbo trainer, and 1 Specialized Dolce (I NEED that granny gear!) kept for best (not the sh!t of winter)and for using on the turbo trainer.

This week so far I've managed 4 miles with my blokie down the railway line.  It was his birthday last week and me being the saddle w@nker I am I've bought him a second hand racer that needed two new tyres and the gears and chainset sound like some sort of old style hand machinery they're soo old.

I've also managed a few pottering around but I'm not sure how many yet.  Just to and fro his to mine.  But I'll save that for when I'm more sure of my miles.



  1. Hello! Thanks for stopping by my site. You'll enjoy the blog community; they're a good outlet for when none of your real=life friends can stand to hear any more about your cycling / running / swimming adventures. Enjoy!

  2. My most ridden (and favorite) bike is also over 3 decades old. It was given to me by the lady next door when she was cleaning her basement 15 years ago


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