Thursday, 20 October 2011

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No! It's White-Van-Man!!! YAYYYY!!!!!

On Tuesday myself and the dog (in her basket on the back) managed to negotiate horrendous traffic, dangerous hills and windy lanes without incident, for the dog to fly out the flat, out of the close* straight into the road!  The hero of the day was White-Van-Man, who on seeing me running down the street screeching 'BUFFFFFYYYY' stopped his van, jumped out and called to her (of course she went to him directly, no problem there: it's not like he feeds her or even knows who he is) loured her in and picked her up.  I could have kissed him had he been less unconventionally good looking.

By the time I got back in the flat I needed a sit down with my head between my knees and a glass of water.  Since then she has been uncharacteristically sooky, wanting to sit on my knee, looking at me with those big brown eyes, checking to see what I'm doing.  Usually it's a course of intense napping in the evening but she's following me around.  I am having none of it, she has disappointed me most thoroughly!

On the plus side, on Wednesday night coming back from work, I managed to navigate an awful junction on
King Street
, to turn right in front of 3 lanes of traffic!  I usually get off and push through the pedestrian lights but I was brave in my wee heartie!   I was pinned at one point between one of the local busses and this massive touring bus but I kept my cool.   All I have to conquer now is the massive round abouts situated on every major road out of Aberdeen –  I need more practice going fast round corners first.

This weekend's a bit of a big one (two weddings!) so am not sure how much cycling I'm going to get in.  Saturday during the day is supposed to be free but the wedding party on the Sunday wants us to go for a rehearsal dinner (I'm not really sure what these are for??? So you get to see the faces of those you are having at your wedding, and decide if any of guests won't perform well in the main event and perhaps arrange stand ins?) I don’t know if it's a lunch or what, so will have to clarify that at some point. 

I could do some weight training at Pete's though will have to see if I'm not 'feeling tired and emotional' on Saturday.

Boring Stats so far:

Tuesday:           Turbo Training 5 miles Ave 14mph Max 23mph (Interval and Standing),
                        Road 5 miles to and fro Blokies
Wednesday:     Turbo Training 5.11 miles Ave 15mph (whilst listening to BBC4)
                        Road 2 miles

Total this week so far: 20 miles

*'Close' is Glaswegian slang for the foyer.

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