Monday, 24 October 2011

My wedding hell is over….

Actually that’s a bit melodramatic and very unfair.  It wasn’t hell, it was rather pleasant but quite tiring.  The first wedding was a big affair with speeches, photos, grand entrances (walking down the isle to Z Cars theme tune) and a Ceilidh with the best fireworks ever!  The second was a quieter affair, in a grand castle with delicious cream teas in stately rooms, whilst the North East sea kissed the landscaped gardens with Haar.

On the cycling front - excluding the run for the bike on Saturday, zero, nada, and nothing was done.  It’s not good for me.  I woke on Sunday a little grumpy fecker.  Had the second wedding been a larger affair I may not have shown myself in the best light, throwing my shoes off at one point and acting like a child.   We were going to go out on Sunday morning, but my blokie wanted to come to and as his bike is still in the realms of disrepair we spent too long trying to put it back together and did not go out.

In reflection of last week I have decided the 26 miles I did was no where enough.  I managed 13 pootling about the Town Centre – I recon I can increase that vastly this week - aiming for about 30. The rest was done on the turbo trainer, 20 minutes a day.  On Friday night I did do a lot of ceilidh dancing but I’m not sure how that translates into road miles.  The only sleepless night I had was on Thursday, which resulted in a Facebook update of ‘Where is that Fecking Nytol’ at 1am.  That’s the only day I hadn’t done any exercise, and I did have a Chai Tea latte at about 7pm.

So... Onwards and upwards folks!


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