Wednesday, 4 April 2012

My leggies are not so sore...

but I've started getting a weird stitch in my right, in my ribcage that goes along just above my belly area.  During the first spin class of the day it began to hurt my arm (7am, and yes, I am too tired right now to be smug).  It's not a heart attack - I'm one of those freaks who get indigestion in the shoulder - I think it's more to do with not having anything to eat or drink before spin class.

I've gone all technological with my food so might try drinking some energy drink before going tomorrow morning - to wit I might actually cycle to gym class tomorrow.  I'm sick to death of waiting for busses, as they are a bit of a rip up in Fairyboots town. (New nickname for the 'deen, apparently 'Faer'y'boots yeh fae' is a rough translation of 'From whence has one come from?' No one has actually ever asked me that but I like the idea that the town is the cobbler for the Flower Fairies).  It's £2 to go a mile and a half.  So I shall be loading the Lu' up tonight so I can just roll her out tomorrow - besides I should be on the bike a lot more now.

I actually don't feel as tired as I think I should.  I've got the handlebar tape so all we need to do is reset the breaks and that's it for the Racer. We're doing 50 miles this weekend so will be testing out the 705 on Sunday too.  I might even do some half assed review on it.


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