Saturday, 21 July 2012

Well, What have I been up to...

...rather a lot as it happens. 

Not much on the fitness front I'm afraid.   Me and the Gids were here for the week with an extra two days either side in Barcelona.  Beautiful Sandy Beaches, blue skies and Music what else does one need.  Bikes!  I did get pictures but no actual ride (the Gids says that sounds rude but I don't care) so no doubt when I'm not being held captive by The Lazyites I will post properly.

We're going away again shortly so I am having some thoughts on sorting myself out for that, I shall also get some goals out and down on e-paper as it's kind of what's needed.

We've also been watching Bradley Wiggins smash the TDF out, and feeling sorry for Cadel Evans, so roll on tomorrow for the cycle to the Champs Elysees!


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