Tuesday, 26 June 2012

It's still raining....

I'm not sure, but I hear the sky is blue, and the sun is bright yellow and is put there by a man holding a pole too far away to see.  Is that true?

Anyhoo... I went to spin class on Monday.  I couldn't sleep on Sunday night and it was dawn before I decided to do something about it. So I was still pretty much 'chemically induced' at noon the next day.  I didn't fall asleep at the wheel or anything but I did sweat profusely.  I'm a bit of a sweaty betty as it is but I wasn't even trying due to deciding to wear my feet (which was a lot like taking spin class in my bare feet, surprisingly enough) and I actually sweated through the little air holes that they say are to ensure you can put and pull them off with ease. How many people can say they've sweated through little plastic feet.  I've bought toe socks to try and stop the leaking as they were quite slippy but I won't be wearing them spinning (not enough support for the pedals to be comfortable). I intend to wear them in my first group run tomorrow with my local gym.  I hope they don't intend to go longer than the rough mile I manage but we shall see.

On the cycling front there's good news! Luella has a new front derailler! And it's attached.  Might try her out tomorrow.  The Diva's are meeting again tomorrow though it is blowing a hoolie oot there just now and they're doing intervals.  Which I could do with the way they're doing them.  So I might go.  I don't know.  

from the land that Summer forgot
(which sounds like a porn film).

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