Sunday, 25 November 2012

I'm a commuter!

I've been commuting! On my bike! We're now officially in the house which is a few miles from town. 3.5 to be exact, and it's along the beach so go given the sun doesn't rise until 8, I get to watch the sun come up as I cycle along! We've also signed up for this: Scottish Bike Show Challenge The 65 mile one. I really enjoyed it last year. Particuarly as a prelude to the Etape Cally - which is yet to open it's entry yet. And I could have sworn I'd signed up by now this time last year. Grr. Other than that we're just getting the house ready for Christmas - you know, putting up a couple of shelves (20) so... Tickety boo peeps! Mx

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  1. I love bicycle commuting. Every time I have to take the car to work it reinforces this.


    Congrats on the new digs!!!


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