Monday, 9 September 2013

Oh Gaffa tape...

... how I love thee, let me count the ways.  The brompton needs a cup holder.  So I have fashioned one out of gaffa tape.  White Gaffa tape so it matches the brompton.  I have felt for some time that a cup holder was needed.  I mentioned this to the guy whose life is enriched by me sitting next to him (he's gone grey and nervous) and he asked me if I was wanting people to see how clever I was... More than likely folk'll go 'look at that eejit. Spilling coffee like she was painting lines on the road.'  I think he's jealous.

I also had a couple of lassies at work ask me if I was up for some corporate decathlon Mountain Biking.  We all know the hatered I have preserved for the nobbly tires, however if anyone is female and about the 'deen this weekend, leave a note.  If you're not female and you still want to partake I'm sure if you turned up wearing a stuffed bra and muttered something about 'hormone problems' as a teenager they'd still take you.

Never mind.  Been looking at holidays and the Tour of Britian.  Not together though.  I'm trying to talk the Gids (who says he neither wants to do another city break nor a 'beach holiday'... really?  This time of year?  What else is there?) into going to Copenhagan which looks very much like a cycling paradise.  And the Tour of Britain - which looks like there's going to be quite a few big names.  I think 'Quintana in Canonbie' has a very nice ring to it. 



  1. Good to know I'm in like minded company, if Gaffa tape was a man I'd marry it... I like my men strong, versatile and sticky.



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