Friday, 28 February 2014

You may or may not have noticed but I have....

...been away for about 3 weeks.  Or so.  Probably or so.  I'm still on the brompton for getting out and about - I had a puncture about a week past and had to change the tyre which was surprisingly easy.  What else.  We went to Andorra for snowboarding, which I managed quite easily - I took the garmin which worked a treat.  And I would really recommend Andorra for snowboarding or general ski hols, really quite cheap and cheerful and the food was surprisingly good, the best of both Spain and France.  Patatas Bravas with spicy paprika mayonaise, and Bonbon - espresso layered with condensed milk yummy!

There's not really been a lot of cycling apart from the odd jaunt to Asda or B&Q.  We're thinking of going traveling during the summer - and having the house done for us going will be very good.   Still got the etape going for us.  So really need to get some proper road cycling under my belt.  Might do that this weekend - a 40 miler.  Yes.  Best get the finger out.

The reason I've taken the notion to blog today is that I've just done a workout by the Realfit.Tv gal.  A spot of kick boxing which I hadn't done since Glasgow.  So that's helped.  I think my arms will hurt tomorrow because there was a lot of push ups and my arms have gone a bit puny since the cycling.


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