Saturday, 3 May 2014

Only a week to go!!!


But it's fine!  We went and did part of the Trossachs route we normally do a couple of weeks before the Etape, and I crashed and burned when we got 10 miles from the end, of a 50 mile ride, and the Etape Caledonia's 80 miles, but it's fine!  I've done two 30 mile training runs making a point of not using the granny gear, it hasn't made me any faster, but it's FINE!  I did another YouTube hill training thing.  It was soo hard I nearly fainted, I had to lie on the floor with my head between my legs, I didn't even know I was lying on the dog bed but it'll be FINE!!!!  HONESTLY FINE!!!!!!  It'll be a BREEZE!!!! EASY WEASEY!!!! A WEE BIT SNEEZEY!!!!  

So yeh,  we're going out to do about 50 miles or so tomorrow, and today it feels like someone's been winding the big muscles in my legs up like a jack-in-the-box.   If I'm half way up Slug Road and creapy freak arsed clowns bound from the middle of my thighs I'll let you know.


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