Monday, 2 June 2014

Look at this Picture...

...just look at it.

 It's a U bike lock attached to a seat via little Velcro-y tabbie things.  I'm talking about these bit here...

How would you, a normal person of possibly quite good intelligence go about taking your lock off the tabby things you were oh so clever to hack onto your bike so's you could carry round that damned heavy lock without having to think about it?

Would you:-

a) Spend seven, that's 7, the number between 6 and 8, (7) months fiddling around with those little tabby things, un-chritchhhing them from the bike, then from the lock, trying to get them through the little bike seat hangy plastic bits,chritchhhing them back together again, only to have to un-chritch them again and have to fiddle and re-chritch them back on to secure the lock,

or would you:

b) Unlock the bike lock, unwind the bike lock rope, slip the u-lock section off those little tabby things, that'll just sit there benignly, just to slip the lock back on again when finished using, never ever having to faff around with those tiresome little tabby things ever again.

Right.  That's what I thought.  I hope you feel superior.

Doing dumbarsed things so you don't have to.

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