Monday, 11 June 2012

After by being tagged by...

..This Glorious New Yorker  I've to post 7 things people don't know about me...

1,  I haven't had a TV in about 12 years.  It's been ace, I've got loads of reading done and have met a cast of hundreds in the folks I've met both on line (they're not all KA-RAZEEE) and face to face and I'm a better individual for it.  However, me and the Giddy Blonde are moving in together soon and his TV misses him when he not here because I 'don't turn her on enough' - WTF!?!?!?!? -  though when round at his TV is all I do.

2, I've entered a state of being constantly educated. I went to collage and got an HND in Communications, since then I've also gained an OU degree in the Humanities and am now after all that Arts Education nonsense I'm now training to be a mechanical engineer.  I haven't done maths in like 20 years. I'm finding it difficult and tiresome, though mostly difficult.

3, I'm vegetarian.  With a small v.

4, I'm a card carrying bunny hugger. I don't care.  I can't watch animal programmes because I don't like seeing the crocodile eat the baby deer.  I don't like the whale (or what ever the feck it is) eat the crocodile.  I don't care IT'S NATURE AND THEY'D ALL STARVE OTHERWISE.  I'd rather just watch Big Bang Theory.

5, Beer is ace. Most are.  They have a beer festival here in Aberdeen every year though sod knows what they're going to do when they build they re-build the stadium out of town.  Me and the Giddy Blonde have been about 3 years on the trot.  It's very low key under one of the stands in Pittodrie Stadium (Pittodrie - Gaelic for Dung Heap,  just saying) there's no music and the serving wenches are grizzly half cut bearded old guys who drink up the slops. It's done on a voucher system where they serve halfs (more like three quarters) and pints.  I had one that tasted like Cheese.  Like that weird orange dust on Dorito's, not 'cheese' cheese.  It was odd. I'm also quite partial to cider.

6, Reading books is like breathing, if I had to stop I'd die.

7, I'm petrified of the Dentist.  Properly.  I need drugs to attend. The last time I had to get a tooth out, I came round from the anaesthetic because I remembered feeling a metal implement in my mouth and 'Howled like a baby', because I came round for seconds during - or I may even have been dreaming - I don't have a bad dentist, I just have a ridiculous high tolerance to certain drugs - sleeping tablets, pain killers and anaesthetic etc.  I'm trying to get better at going.  I sat through 2 fillings last year, after spending about 17 years not going.  I also have 'a very clean mouth' just crappy teeth.

Unfortunately I've been ill.  I wasn't at work for most of last week due to a throat infection (and tongue swelling!!!), but I've put in for some gym classes this week, and signed up for a few next week.  I also might attend a Deeside Diva's training session this week, though I'm wanting to take it easy given the circumstance.

I've also decided to post on the running by exception as I'll be at the 0.8mile mark for quite a while, and there's only so many ways you can blog about that whilst keeping it interesting.  


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