Sunday, 17 June 2012

Playing nice with others... something I'm not known for.  At best I'm shy at my worst I come across as superior and any attempt at banter comes out down right hurtful, and the frustrating thing is I'm lovely.  So knowing this  I took me and myself down to Deeside Divas last Wednesday, which is run for free by these lovely people here.

On arrival I was 'inspected' then 'dismissed' as non-threatening, and then was I spoken too.  Which I kind of expected, the first thing I do when I see someone on a bike, is check the bike - I've not got the 'leave your competitors in the dust' gene so seeing how fit they are isn't a consideration for me per se, but I understand others have that.

I was then spoken to by a man called Tim who was soo tall and lanky he looked like he'd been wrung through a Victorian wringer.   He of course was OUR LEADER or COACH.  Kind of.  I wonder what he gets out of running a group of about 20 women in Lycra?  He wasn't very shouty and didn't have any weird demands as OUR LEADER slash COACH and I was most disapointed when he didn't make me do endless sit ups whilst shouting 'NO PAIIINN!!!!!'.

We then headed up Causey Mounth, I intentionally hung back as I didn't want to awe everyone with my mountain climbing prowess, given that Causey Mounth isn't really a mountain and prowess is a term I'm using loosely to mean 'get out of breath a bit sweaty'.   We had a little pootle for about a mile to put us in a group as we were doing an AMT (Australian Man Tango - I may have heard that wrong) Session, which is when the 'handicapped' get a two minute start before they unleash the dogs let the other cyclists try to catch up with them.

I of course was in the handicapped group, however I much prefer the term cyclistickly challenged.  And I'm very cyclistickly challenged. I managed to keep up on the first lap, was dropped round on the second and ended up going round by myself on the last.  With a lot of folk going 'Well done!' for managing a 4 mile route.   And me wanting to go 'No!!! Honestly!!! Fuck Off!!! I'm just slow!!! I can do this all day!!! I've done this for 80 miles!!! Six weeks ago!!! According to Garry Garmin I have at least another 60 odd miles in me!!! '  But we weren't doing it all day.  We'd only been up there for an hour, and were only going to be there for another 5 minutes at most.  Or at least until I caught up with everyone who passed me on my last lap. So I kept my trap shut, and instead consoled myself with 'Well, it would have been disappointing to find myself the fastest.  Where's the challenge in that really?'

Starts in:Aberdeen, Scotland, GB
Distance:23.9 mi
Elevation:1355 / - 1450 ft
Max Grade
8.5 %
Avg. Grade
0.9 %
VAM367 Vm/h
Ascent time01:07:33
Descent time00:44:40
Total Duration:02:19:28
Moving Time:01:52:13
Stopped Time:00:27:15
Avg. Watts:90 ( with 0s)
Max Speed:33.4 mph
Avg. Speed:12.8 mph
Moving Pace:00:04:42
Max Cadence:117 rpm
Min Cadence:17 rpm
Avg. Cadence:63.6 rpm
Max Heartrate:179 bpm
Min Heartrate:44 bpm
Avg. Heartrate:109.2 bpm
Heartrate zones:
Zone 1:18 min
Zone 2:10 min
Zone 3:10 min
Zone 4:5 min

At least I have somewhere to go.  I think I'll go next week as well.  I did enjoy myself and I haven't been out much though a bit more prep before hand might be an idea.  Defo a snack or something before I leave, I only had a gel snot at the top of CM when he was explaining Alien Mouth Tent.

The metrics are quite interesting. My heart rate seems (in my opinion) to be a bit all over the place, moving time was just under two hours but my zones were just under an hour?  Does that mean I wasn't working that hard consistently or that my hr monitor is not working - and as we know I do have misgivings about my heart rate monitor.

I do have other activities to post about but I'm running a bit behind due to other constraints.  Myself and the Giddy Blonde have just come back from a weekend in Inverness (where there was some cycling) and where Not So Giddy Blonde may have to have his name changed to 'Mibbies not as Giddy but sure as hell cut from the same cloth Blonde'.  Here's a 'Choice' excerpt from my Weekend -

Giddy: Do you know what a Gilet is?

Mibbies: Yes, no, is that a thing you carry babies in?

Giddy:  No! That's a BAIN MARIE

Please don't put your baby in a bain marie.


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  1. I would like to say that everyone was lovely if a little 'what's she got?'- which I don't feel I conveyed in my post.



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