Saturday, 2 June 2012

Shoes with Toes...

I got these...

They smell like this...

Only not as evil looking.  

I went here (I have no idea why the lines look wiggy):

Initial tests are promising.  But I want to try them a few times before I decide on how they go. Fit seems fine, I was worried that they were too small on my 4.5 size feet but they fit fine.   

The figures:

Starts in:Aberdeen, Scotland, GB
Distance:0.8 mi
Elevation:114 / - 163 ft
Max Grade
9.5 %
Avg. Grade
-0.7 %
VAM415 Vm/h
Ascent time00:05:02
Descent time00:04:33
Total Duration:00:19:33
Moving Time:00:09:35
Stopped Time:00:09:58
Avg. Watts:137
Max Speed:6.2 mph
Avg. Speed:5.2 mph
Moving Pace:00:11:27
Max Heartrate:169 bpm
Min Heartrate:92 bpm
Avg. Heartrate:135.1 bpm
Heartrate zones:
Zone 1:1 min
Zone 2:7 min

My heart rate monitor crapped out half way round (I think it was when I put it into my pocket), though I am now the proud owner of a pouch thing I can't say the name of because it either sounds like something a person with digestive problems would wear though the American versions much worse.   It'll be useful for going on the bike when I've not got proper bike jerseys on.

I've signed up for a spin class next week, will be out on the bike some point one evening, and out on the feet again shortly.



  1. Muffintop.......what the hell are those things on your feet? Looks like you've been bathing your feet in ribena. Are those barefoot running shoes? Look very bizzare although I kind of like the idea.

    1. They are Innov 8 Evoskins, I got them here:

      I'm giving them a proper try out before I give them a yey or neigh. I've had problems running before. The general consensus seems to be (if you fancy it) take it VERY easy.


    2. I can imagine!! I've read the theory into barefoot running but the practice of it is another thing. My shins just ache thinking about it!

  2. I have a friend who has a pair of those and he used them to walk around complaints from him.!!


    1. They are strangely comfortable for moving in, and wearing them you don't feel like you have to watch every step but I suspect that's more a subconscious thing.



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