Friday, 14 November 2014

I have Of Course Signed up For Etape Caledonia 2015...


The gids shall be venturing out with me, but my lack of exercise fits in with my lack of posts and any discussion about that massive trip I had.  I have also (shocker) put on a STONE.  I'm 11 stone people,  (5ft) and the weird thing is I don't 'look' any fatter.  I've only done a little running and hardly any cycling so I'm fairly sure it's not muscle.

The good news is I've found my chest strap for my garmin.  The bad news is I don't even know if that works anymore.  More good news is that I started a body weight programe, (much like insanity, but also nothing like insanity), the bad news is after starting it yesterday I'm struggling to raise my hands over my head.

In more bad news I'm supposed to do a bit today.  The good news is I'm really not going to.

Anyway. I think I have to have a go at another challenge.  I'm going to get my ducks in a row today then start tomorrow I think.

1.  Do some form of exercise every day.  I'm going to be fairly light on this one.  I'll aim to do the programme but it's a weights based programme and I've not done any weights since ever.

2. Post about it.

3.  I've not done a turbo session in quite a while so I'll get that set up.  Garry Garmin and all, and do my warm up on that.

I'll wear the garmin and post my results.


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