Sunday, 30 November 2014

I'm sick...

and I'm injured.

I've been doing one legged squats partly because I found the 100 squat challenge really easy, and anyway, who has time to do 100 squats?  So I've been doing 40 squats each leg and either it's showing up some kind of weakness in my left leg or I'm pulling some muscle when I do it but it hurts.

Not only that but I seem to have picked up a cold somewhere.  So woh. Woh is me.

On the plus side I've been doing actually quite well on my challenge.  I am managing (for the most part) several strength exercizes each day.  In the interests of full disclosure I did miss a day of squats as I wanted to rest my sore leg which seems to have done the trick.  We should also get a delivery on tuesday of some units which will make the back room more hospitable to turbo train in.

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