Tuesday, 18 November 2014

I'm a terrible seamstress...

I was going to put sewer.  Which is right: I am a terrible sewer, I smell quite nice.  But not what I'm trying to describe.  The point I want to make (but in three lines have not) is that the only thing worse than my sewing is my reliability as a blogger. None the less I'm here now.

I did do 'fitness' both yesterday and today.  I was even on the turbo trainer to today, though I have to say I prefer the skipping for warming up.  6 minutes on the bike doesn't really seem worth it.  I have also decided to cut down a little on the whole body weight programe.  I'll still do it every day but there is no way in hell I'm going to be able to do it as wrote.  I think it's for folks who already have some sort of weight training experience and just can't get to the gym.  I on the otherhand have no weight training experience and am weaker than a very weak thing.  I've also taken a rather rotund picture of myself to see if there is any difference by Christmas over what I look like a la pintrest/instagram  thought it shall appear neither of those places and might not even need to appear here.

So, onwards etc.


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