Friday, 6 April 2012

2 day...

Rest period before we go out on Sunday.  I'm not going to say how far me and GB intend to go out on Sunday as inevitably something awful will happen.

With next weekends sportive coming up Giddy's in a bit of a blind panic about getting his bike road ready.  He bought new wheels for it and we might pillaging the Lu' for parts since the chances of us being able to find parts to fit his (a 1970's racer) is slim.  If anyone's interested this is what we're doing:

Giddy got his pack through - it says in the pamphlet it actually says:

'Your gearing needs to be suitable for steep hills. As an example some of our riders will be using 50x34 front with a 27 sprocket on the back, don’t under estimate the nature of some of the climbs!'

He has a 52/46 front sprocket.  I (the smart arse that I am) have a Granny Gear.


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