Wednesday, 25 April 2012

3 Weeks to Go...

...and I'm running up that hill - well cycling up that hill.

Have changed the strategy for training so instead of long rides and sitting in the saddle for hours on end it's all shorter rides and trying to get the average up, along with pushing up hills in the most horrible of gears.  I've done a little route on Saturday which is only 15 mins from town and 9 miles long so I'll be able to do a couple of laps of that of an evening I'm not at the gym - it's not dark until about 8.45pm now).  In saying that it's pretty much been fowl uncyclible weather since Saturday so I've still been hitting the gym.

Here's the lap:

In similar news I have mutant thighs.  I noticed it on Monday in the work's elevator - something tends to happen to my 'look' on leaving my flat and getting to work so I usually check out myself in the elevator mirror to make sure I haven't aquired a mohican or sprouted horns - and now have absurdly muscly knees and thigh muscles that you can actually now see the definition of through 90 denier tights. 

All this basically means is now I have remarkibly chunky thights to go with my extremely chunky calves.  Before I only had chunky calves (my legs were akin to Popeyes arms pre-spinich where his forearms are always wider than the rest of his arms) my legs now have an appealing overall chunkiness I quite like.  I am currently resisting the urge to kick things with them to show how strong and excellently chunky they are.  Lots of the Guys (we grow them spindley here) are jelous. 



  1. Replies
    1. You'd be a crap Jimmany Cricket. Always getting me into trouble... I quite like that.

  2. There's nothing wrong with mutant thighs.......Chunkiness is good!!


    1. It is nice on certain things, legs, bums and chocolate.


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