Sunday, 29 April 2012

Out this morning again...

And I think my legs are feeling it.  I did the Causey Mounth route that I did two weeks ago, except I managed to talk myself into going round twice.  I was fine the first time but after that it was a bit difficult. I think you can probably see I was slightly slower on the second time round. I shook it up a wee bit and went in my lowest gear trying to keep up my cadence the second time round as opposed to hitting the hills in the highest gear possible. I'm not seeing much of a difference in speed I don't think, and overall I am able to stand a lot more to kick over those grades that wee bit tougher. There's also a woefully long low gradient up to the turn off.  It doesn't look like much (it's roughly mile 7 and mile 16 as I went round) but there's always a god awful head wind there and just seems to sap the very blood life out your legs which you still feel coming down the decent.

Here are the metrics:

Distance:18.6 mi
Elevation:2026 / - 2127 ft
Max Grade
20.6 %
Avg. Grade
0.6 %
Total Duration:01:35:12
Moving Time:01:32:41
Stopped Time:00:02:31
Max Speed:32.1 mph
Avg. Speed:12.0 mph
Moving Pace:00:04:59
Max Cadence:122 rpm
Min Cadence:21 rpm
Avg. Cadence:61.5 rpm

I will have a look at this more closely.  I think my average speed up the hills has gone from milling about in the 3-4mph to 4-6mph which is good.  And the weather was alright - a wee bit blustery but nice blue skies, and nearly ran over a massive buzzard (big angry, fluffy looking birds of pray).  I'm toying with perhaps getting some saddle w@nky glasses for cycling in.  I usually wear aviator style sunglasses but I look like an MI6 agent who's team have left him at the petrol station and he's trying to get back to his team through any means necessary.  I didn't take any out with me today but my eyes were tearing up terribly.


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