Saturday, 14 April 2012

In the best laid plans of Mice and Men..

we're at the 'Gang aft agley,' bit.  With the Sportive tomorrow, with us supposed to have left an hour ago, and the Giddy Blondes loosing himself in a haze of broken chain bits. On reflection I now realise that it was too easy last night - an hour to pillage parts from the Lu', a quick up and down on the wee hills and everything went fine.

Went out for a quick dash this morning to make sure everything was all right (with an eye on leaving at 1) and we're still here.  Five minutes to two. 

It's not that much of a rush, we were planning to get to Balloch about 4, now it'll be tea time.  It won't get dark here until 8.30 so we've got plenty of time to scout out the start once there.  

Right.  New chain link. Another shottie and then we're (wish us well) off!


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