Thursday, 31 May 2012

I have a question...

...why do 'how to' books tell you 'how to' in the last third of the book, not in the first page.

After going 2 miles in me bare feet, and then being crippled for the rest of the week, I get to the end of 'Barefoot Running Step-By-Step' and discover you're only supposed to be going 300 meters on your first time out.

So went out Tuesday night, only went a mile, took Garry Garmin though forgot to switch it on until half way through... So this is what I did:

Departed:May 28, '12, 06:43pm
Starts in:Aberdeen, Scotland, GB
Distance:0.5 mi
Elevation:38 / - 11 ft
Max Grade
6.4 %
Avg. Grade
0.2 %
VAM174 Vm/h
Ascent time00:03:58
Descent time00:01:19
Total Duration:00:12:08
Moving Time:00:05:17
Stopped Time:00:06:51
Max Speed:5.5 mph
Avg. Speed:5.1 mph
Moving Pace:00:11:41

Do youse think that if I can average 5.5 mph I can do a marathon in 5 hours?  Or will the medal folk have gone home by then?


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