Wednesday, 26 March 2014

I'm rethinking... the situation (twiddles fingers like Fagan from that orphan film where he had to leave the work house due to porriage gate)

What was it called?

Anyhoo.  I cycled quite a bit last week but not this week as I seem to have had some kind of cold in the past couple of days so taking it easy.  Am going to do a session on the turbo trainer today and then perhaps see about hitting the big hill across from my house next week.  I've also put in a forty miler from Inverurie round for Sunday when I am definately going out. I am.

Further to this I feel ready to announce that I'll be reconfiguring this blog to a sleeker more helpful page (for me anyway).  I've done quiet a few of the You Tube videos these past couple of weeks so I'm thinking I could do proper reviews - with what they're good for - and links along the side.

I also have to admit that the blog has been abit aimless of late, as has the cycling.  I'm not even in deepest darkest training and I really should be.  Has my interest in the Etape wained a little.  It's not going to bode well for the under 6 hours goal is it?



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