Sunday, 16 March 2014

Today I did this one:

Spinning / Stationary Trainer Workout

It was an hour long and I really enjoyed this one.  The guy who made it, Tbork123, has stuck purely to effort level (% of your maximum heart rate), so you're not trying to maintain an 100 rpm at recovery level.  It's mostly hills with 'jumping'.  I wouldnt' mind another 30 minutes tacked on the end of it.

So.  We have an issue.  I've not been out on the bike yet at all.  We were supposed to be going out today but instead he lay in his bed and I went on the turbo so it's his fault really.  That's what I'm going with.  Further to this I don't think I'm drinking enough water.  I've been doing the 2:5 diet to see if I can loose a stone but I'm just really fluctuating around 10 stone as normal for the past 3 weeks.   To be fair though, when I'm doing activities to this level I usually put a few pounds on then it all begins to fall off and I go all knarly.  Hopefully.  That is the plan.

But we'll see.


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