Sunday, 9 March 2014

Recovery is part of Garry's illness...

... he just misses the satalites apparently.  On the date thing that's happening with him, I've let him link and set dates with the satalites before switching it off.  In other news I've done a 25 minute spin bike class, and an 8 minute sit up class since yesterday I did 90 minutes turbo class and that was DIFFICULT.  Still sweated alot and it says I've only burned 113 calories, but that can't be right. I'm sure I've earned some ice cream or sommhink.

These are the one's I've done today: 8 minute Abs andBest cycle class ever! - FULL 30 minutes Audio workout.  The abs class is really good, 8 exercises where you do as many repeats as you can for each set.  The Cycle class is not the best ever to be honest.  It's mildly OK.  It has good short sharp hill training sections and sprint sections, but the video's not even 30 minutes long and for a good 5 to 8 minutes Tania spends explaining how to set your bike up properly.  One more irritating thing she does is she tells you to 'Go!' and then tells you what you should be doing.  'Go!.... up a gear... sprinting...and back off.'  And I was like... What? Did I hear you right?  Did you not want me to go when you said?

I really need to get out on the big bike soon.  I'm still pootling with the brompton, but we really need to get a couple of 40 milers under our belt, we have about 8 weeks or so before the etape so we need to get it down.

What's everyone else doing?  Feel free to leave comments or feed the fish.


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